First laugh

I note that Richard Herring has written a post every day for the last seven years. I found this somewhat shaming; I should do the same, of for the same reason that he does – to provide not only a record of the extraordinary, but in the banal, both of which are useful in providing later textured reminiscences.

So, where are we? Baby Judith is just over three months of age now, and is beginning to turn into a person. Last night, in her cot, I watched her laugh. I had not seen this yet, although Victoria claims she has done it before. A significant moment: Aristotle believed that this moment indicated the transition from mere organism to full human.

I have an annoying cold at the moment, which follows last week’s more-than-annoying bout of Noro Virus which I shared with Victoria. Thankfully, because Judith is still completely breastfed, she escaped this ghastly disease. Had she not, she’d have had to spend days in hospital, with IV fluids. Hooray for breast feeding and its magic Just In Time antibody production!

Anyway, a fairly quiet day at work, ended with a Burger King which I didn’t enjoy particularly. There’s something sad about being too ill to enjoy the greasy horror of junk food. Then an underwhelming episode of Lost, a bath and a fairly sleepless night, thanks to the cold and Judith, who has decided that her cot is evil.

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